Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

The Standard Lease Agreement is a customary prototype used for the average transaction involving the rental of residential real estate. When a person shows interest in renting a particular property, they will want to arrange the terms of the occupancy with the landlord. If a settlement of these terms can occur, then the two (2) parties can enter them into the form to hold all participants accountable for their part of the relationship. Areas of the contract that will need to be confirmed within the document include the initial & ending date of the inhabitance, expenses associated with the rental (lease payments, security deposit, fees, etc.), and the standards required to remain on the premises. Once the agreement has been customized to both parties’ liking, they may proceed by endorsing the form with electronic (if the software is legitimate) or handwritten signatures.

Rental Application – Before the landlord thinks about signing a lease agreement, they should make sure that the prospective tenant is properly vetted. Anybody looking to lease or sublease their property should first screen any applicants using this instrument in order to determine their credit score, occupation, criminal background, and rental history (possible evictions).

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Sample Sublease Agreement

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