South Carolina Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template


The South Carolina Standard Lease Agreement produces a valid submission of the terms and conditions within an arrangement to lease a property in exchange for financial compensation. A residential rental transaction is a conventional tool used to retain a record of the commitments made by a landlord and tenant surrounding the lease understanding. Generally, the first step in renting a property is negotiating the provisions of the accord to then summarize in a contract and execute upon agreement to the terms. The paperwork maps out the following information:

  • Identities of Lessor(s) and Lessee(s)
  • Identities of Managing Agent(s)
  • Rental Property Address
  • Lease Term Length
  • Rental Payment Amount
  • Rental Payment Due Date
  • Security Deposit Amount
  • Fees

The document continues to allocate provisions to policies regarding the rental property use and rules for both the landlord and tenant for the duration of the lease. Once the parties have secured their signatures to the form, the statements within the agreement will be adhered to in order to avoid a breach of contract.

Other Versions

South Carolina Standard Lease Agreement – Version 1

Download: Adobe PDF




South Carolina Standard Lease Agreement – Version 2

Download: Adobe PDF




South Carolina Association of Realtors Residential Rental Agreement Form 410

Download: Adobe PDF