Ohio Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template


The Ohio Standard Lease Agreement integrates the organization of an accord to lease a piece of property to a transcribed registry. A typical rental request from a tenant to an owner entails the subsequent negotiation of each component’s terms and recording to hold the involved parties accountable. The form provides a structure to allocate the resulting conditions and rules to a valid contractual obligation. Identification of the players involved in the agreement preface the document, pointing out the lessor, lessee, and any nominated managing officials for the building. The paperwork further details the lease term length, rents associated with the unit, security deposit, and assignment of utilities. The remainder of the form’s contents covers the assigned covenants connected to rules and guidelines to be followed for the commitment duration.

Other Versions

Ohio Standard Lease Agreement – Version 1

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)




Ohio Standard Lease Agreement – Version 2

Download: Adobe PDF




Ohio Standard Lease Agreement – Version 3

Download: Adobe PDF




Cleveland Housing Court Residential Lease Agreement

Download: Adobe PDF