Texas Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template


The Texas Standard Lease Agreement makes a legal written claim for an individual to utilize a piece of real estate for an extended period and agreed-upon compensation. The official form serves to carry out the lawful requirements to document the transaction, incorporating the secured promises and acquired tenancy rights. After a person views an apartment and expresses intent to rent, negotiation can begin to iron out the financial commitments and other provisions to the agreement. The official form allocates space to indicate the involved players’ names (lessor, lessee, managing agents), the subject property address, the lease length, and the monthly rent. The contract further denotes the amount required to be secured as a refundable deposit on the home and the rules to follow for the rental period’s duration. After all the parties are satisfied with the document’s contents, the paperwork’s signing can take place to affirm the registration of the commitment.

Other Versions

Texas Standard Lease Agreement – Version 1

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Texas Standard Lease Agreement – Version 2


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Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement

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Texas Apartment Association Apartment Lease Contract

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