Iowa Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

The Iowa Standard Lease Agreement constitutes a written summary containing the allocated agreements concerning the leasing of a housing unit in exchange for a monthly monetary sum. The official form allows for a lessor and lessee to tabulate the facts surrounding the transaction and map out a settlement of the provisions to paper. The negotiation of the contract will take place between the landlord and tenant to fine-tune the contents to be agreed upon between both parties. Then the filing will be completed to identify the address of the subject property, and the involved individuals are stated in the language of the document along with the specified lease term and rental payment amounts. The remaining paragraphs of the form cover a wide array of conditions and obligations regarding the policies of the building, premises, and the state legislature. Endorsing of the arrangement by the participating parties will indicate agreement with the accord and hold all signing persons liable for the commitments therein.

Rental Application – It is necessary to begin the process of renting a property by first reviewing the credentials of those desiring to lease. By supplying a rental application, a landlord can gain access to the background of an applicant to determine if the rental, criminal, and credit history is sufficient to meet the needs of the owner.

Other Versions

Iowa Standard Lease Agreement – Version 1

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Iowa Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement

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