Minnesota Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

The Minnesota Standard Lease Agreement recognizes the dedications conveyed in an accord to rent a piece of real estate to a person for a stipulated term and monthly allocated amount. The written paperwork serves as an acknowledgment of the understanding to be utilized as reference material after the commitment is entered into. Contained within the filing are particulars concerning the:

  • Names of the Landlord(s)
  • Names of the Tenant(s)
  • Property Address
  • Payments Schedule
  • Lease Term

The registration further specifies the premises’ regulations for the duration of the lease, along with rights and responsibilities granted by the contractual obligation. Signatures from the involved parties will indicate an adherence to the rental arrangement.

Rental Application – To be evaluated for tenancy, it is typical that a prospective renter first completes an application. The document allows the applicant to provide information to the landlord for consideration to occupy the unit.

Other Versions

Minnesota Standard Lease Agreement – Version 1

Download: Adobe PDF




Minnesota Standard Lease Agreement – Version 2

Download: Adobe PDF




Minnesota Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement

Download: Adobe PDF