Nevada Power of Attorney Forms


Updated on June 20th, 2023

The Nevada Power of Attorney constitutes a constructed arrangement allowing a person to establish the passage of their retained rights regarding finances, medical care, or other areas to a selected attorney-in-fact. There are many ways for a principal to issue the desired authorization(s), and several forms are provided to cater to each particular need. A durable agreement assists in permitting the powers with a modified provision to extend the granted agency to remain in effect even in the event of the declarant experiencing possible incapacitation. Those seeking to prepare wishes and predetermine designated representation concerning health care preferences can use the advance directive paperwork to secure their requests. Each commitment can be instated by recording the necessary signatures per the enforced acknowledgment requirements detailed below each transaction type.

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Advance Directive (Medical POA & Living Will) – Binds a medical power of attorney with a living will to provide a comprehensive written understanding of one’s wishes regarding future health care options.

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Signing Requirements: State mandates cite that two (2) suitable witnessing parties must be available to attest to the document’s endorsement.

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney – Develops an issuance of permissions concerning assets, legal proceedings, or other stipulated financial areas from a principal party to a designated individual. The durability clause additionally confirms that the endowed powers persist if the principal party is deemed mentally or physically incapacitated.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgment specifications for the state of Nevada impose that signatures must be recorded in the presence of a notary public to enact the commitment.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney – Consists of an agreement for a principal to grant controls to another, allowing them to sign, communicate, and/or take action connected to selected financial or other legal matters.

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Signing Requirements: A licensed notary must demonstrate proper acknowledgment via signature to enact the terms of the contract.


Limited (Special) Power of Attorney – Permits one or more particularized actions for an assigned agent to carry out on behalf of another.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgement of all endorsements by notary needed to create legal standing.


Living Will – Produces an advance summary of a person’s preferences for medical treatment to be utilized should they succumb to a state of sustained unconsciousness.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgment from
two (2) attesting witnesses necessary to confirm the arrangement.


Medical Power of Attorney – Designates an assigned party permission to make selections regarding the management of another’s health care options upon the declarant’s incapacitation.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx)
Signing Requirements: 
Acknowledgment will be required by either a sworn notary public or two (2) approved witnessing individuals.


Minor Child Power of Attorney – Allows a parent (or parents) the option to give approved controls to another adult to care for and represent a minor for a temporary span of time.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgement by a notary is necessary.


Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VP-136) – Registers a selected party with active agency privileges to conduct transactions related to another individual’s vehicle.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgement from a notary public is obligated for certification purposes.


Real Estate Power of Attorney – Defines specified endowment of rights from the owner to a specified agent concerning a piece of real property.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgment is needed by law to include notarization to commit the terms of the agreement.


Revocation of Power of Attorney – This contract is used to terminate an actively instated power of attorney agreement.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx)
Signing Requirements: Acknowledgment will require a notary to attest to the verification of all received signatures.


Tax Power of Attorney (Form DP-2848) – Federally supplied form used to authorize a specialist to handle a client’s tax account.

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Signing Requirements: Acknowledgement is carried out by providing endorsements from the taxpayer(s) and intended agent.