Florida Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

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The Florida Limited (Special) Power of Attorney is the authorization of a specific authority often carried out as an alternative to other POA documents that grant more broad sweeping powers. It allows the grantor to describe, in detail, the exact function they would like accomplished by the agent in their name. To put this instrument into motion, the individual distributing the powers should furnish the names & addresses of both parties, a thorough description of each authority they plan to assign, and their preferences in regard to the term of the conveyance. This shall all be followed up with the principal’s endorsement performed under the review of two (2) witnesses and an officer containing notarial power.


Statute § 709.2201

Definition§ 709.2102(9)

Signing Requirements – Acknowledgment of Two (2) Witnesses and Notary Public (§ 709.2105(2))

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