Oklahoma Sublease Agreement Template

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The Oklahoma sublease agreement is an alternative rental contract that offers the primary tenant the opportunity to act as the landlord and lease the property they possess to a new tenant. For this to materialize, the owner of the property (or their management) must sanction the procedure by supplying written documentation confirming that they accept. It is important for the sublessor to understand that they are still held liable for the terms of the first contract, so it is advised that they are cautious of this when selecting a subtenant.

Some of the major components of this document that will need to be addressed are the commencement & expiration dates of the tenancy, recurring sublease payments, amount of the deposit for potential damages, and utility costs. Along with these terms, there will also be some general guidelines for the property’s use found within the variety of clauses.

(Note: Aside from the sublessor’s and sublessee’s signatures, it is also encouraged to have the original landlord sign off on the instrument to ensure that they are fully aware of the arrangement.)