Landlord’s Consent to Sublet Form

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The Landlord’s Consent to Sublet Form is a powerful document when it comes to the subleasing process. When a tenant decides that they would like to offer their place to another person, they should first refer back to the original lease agreement to see if it is an option. Many times, the contract will state that it is allowable if the landlord approves of the subtenancy. Other times, it is not mentioned at all. In both cases, the primary tenant should contact the landlord for the purpose of acquiring their permission to sublet the premises. That’s when this form becomes instrumental. Ask the landlord to execute the document to ensure that you can accomplish your goal. They may stipulate any conditions that they feel are necessary to permit this act. Customizable portions of the form allow the users to specify:

  • If ALL or Part of the premises is going to be subleased.
  • Whether or not they need to give a secondary approval upon the time of executing the sublease.
  • If the tenant holds the right to sublease multiple times.
  • Amount of any sublet fees.
  • If the tenant can charge more for the rent.
  • The time span in which the tenant has to deliver the original landlord with the sublease after its execution.

If the landlord and tenant can see eye to eye on the terms of this policy, they can then endorse the form to acknowledge the agreement made.