Ohio Sublease Agreement Template


The Ohio sublease agreement conveys possession of a rental unit to a secondary tenant (subtenant) from the primary tenant (original tenant). When someone involved in an active lease agreement no longer wants to occupy the premises, whether they can’t afford it, need to relocate for work or school, or just plain don’t want to live there anymore, subletting may be an alternative to breaking the lease. For this to be a possibility, the owner (or their representation) must first give the OK by supplying the sublessor with written documentation displaying their approval (this may also be stated within the terms of the original rental contract).

If allowed, the sublessor will have to find a sublessee that agrees to the terms of the new contract and that seems qualified to rent (it is critical to select a subtenant that you deem trustworthy, as the original tenant is still held accountable for the content of the previous lease). The two parties should then complete a copy of this document and sign it to activate the obligations of each participant.