New Jersey Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated on January 13th, 2021

The New Jersey sublease agreement is a practicable document that can be taken advantage of by people interested in renting out the premises that they are contractually bound to. In other words, an active tenant looking to relocate can transfer possession of the property to a subtenant in order to continue the obligations of the original lease. It is important for individuals looking to carry this out to recognize that this may only be achieved if the landlord authorizes the sublet.

Once a reliable sublessee has been chosen, the parties will have to have a meeting of the minds in terms of what conditions will be made in regard to the sublease. Things that should be addressed within the form include the time period in which the subtenant will reside within the premises, the cost of sublet (rent, security deposit, utilities, etc.), and any additional provisions the parties would like to incorporate into the contract. Finally, after the necessary details have been provided, the sublessor, sublessee, and landlord should all sign off on the document to make sure that it retains validity.