Missouri Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated on January 13th, 2021

The Missouri sublease agreement enables an existing occupant and lessee of a residential property to pass possession of the right of use to another suitable individual. When this transfer occurs, the tenant subleases the unit to a subtenant, granting all the inherited permissions and duties coordinated by the leasing materials. The overall approach to the payment schedule deposit can differ from the original agreement, but any provisions or obligations must be adhered to avoid a breach of contract. In addition, the owner of the property or responsible managing official must be informed of the subletting and subsequently approved via an applied signature to the form. The document covers:

  • Identification of the Involved Parties
  • Lease Term
  • Rental Amounts
  • Rent Due Date
  • Security Deposit Information
  • Supplementary Expenses

The expiration date of the contract cannot legally exceed the time period provided by the master lease. The original lease filing is to be attached to the sublease for the revision and approval of the subtenant. Execution of the paperwork will, in turn, hold all involved individuals responsible and liable to the contents specified in the arrangement.