Indiana Sublease Agreement Template


The Indiana sublease agreement endorses the promise for a new “subtenant” to essentially take over a lease form a tenant that is currently renting a property. The terms of the lease arrangement may vary from the initial lease as far as dates of occupancy and rental compensation; However, the current tenant remains responsible and accountable for the responsibilities of the primary contract. The advantage of extending a sublease to an alternate individual is that the tenant will have the freedom to leave the existing property to take up residence somewhere else, while still receiving payment to be remitted to the landlord.

Although the actively leasing tenant will have the choice to adjust the rental rate and dates of subtenancy, the regulatory clauses from the first lease will be viewed as the supplanting provisions. The original lease is to be regarded as the superseding document in the case of any disclosed inconsistency. Listed in the sublease are the identities of all involved persons, the subject property, rent payment schedule, security deposit, and information on residence use policies. The landlord must confirm the arrangement by providing a genuine signature to corroborate the authenticity of the paperwork.