North Carolina Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Forms

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The North Carolina DMV bill of sale form is a paper record containing all crucial particulars involved in the contracted exchange of the vehicle for a monetary consideration. The document accounts for details such as the buyer and seller’s contact information as well as vehicle make, model, VIN, purchase price, and other stipulated facts involved in the transaction. A bill of sale is not obligated in the State of North Carolina in order to register and title your vehicle unless it is a purchase from a dealer. Although it is not required for the purchase of a used vehicle from a private party, it can be an essential piece of documentation to retain for legal and tax purposes once the vehicle has transferred ownership.

Table of Contents

    How to Register a Vehicle

    Arrive at you nearest local North Carolina DMV Office with the following forms and documentation:

    How to Write

    Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

    Step 2 – Vehicle Information – Complete the form with the following details relevant to the vehicle involved in the transfer:

    • Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • Style
    • Color
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Odometer Reading
    • Seller Registration Number

    Step 3 – Specify whether or not you have applied a title for the vehicle in the past with a check mark in the appropriate box.

    Step 4 – Seller/Buyer Information – Input all necessary compelled information about the seller of the vehicle being sold:

    • Seller’s Full Name
    • Seller’s Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Buyer’s Full Name
    • Buyer’s Street Address
    • City
    • State

    Step 5 – Purchase Information – Input the applicable key elements entailed in the purchase of the vehicle:

    • Sale Price
    • If the sale was a gift, include relationship to the seller.

    Step 6 – Finish the form by supplying signatures from both the buyer and seller on the indicated lines agreeing to the terms of the document.

    Step 7 – Once you have completed the first half segment of the form you can then make a duplicate on the bottom segment in order to grant a retainable record of the transaction for both the buyer and the seller of the vehicle.