Illinois Bill of Sale Forms


The Illinois bill of sale form approves the exchange of a financial consideration for an item of property into a text register. The contract lists the critical factors of the transaction, such as the relevant information on the buyer, seller, item, and sale terms. Endorsements will indicate the conclusion on the purchase from the involved parties. This document can be later utilized to certify ownership for such purposes as state registration or tax evidence.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Affirms the information contained in a transaction of a vehicle for a payment amount.

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Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – Communicates the details surrounding the sale of a vessel into a written agreement.

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Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Used to covey the particulars involved in the change of ownership of a firearm.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

Firearm Registration Forms

Illinois does not require a system of recording information on firearms and their owners classified as “registration”. However, there is an obligation first to obtain a Firearm Owner’s ID Card (FOID), that essentially registers the information of the owners of guns within the state. The FOID card will allow residents to purchase weapons, but must first be applied for electronically with the following information and documents:

  • A completed online application via the Firearms Service Bureau’s website.
  • A color photo meeting US Passport specifications to be uploaded to the FSB’s website.
  • An active Illinois identification card or driver’s license.
  • For individuals that wish to apply that are 18 years or older but not yet 21, a guardian must first supply a legal affidavit of permission.
  • Consideration to cover all license costs, to be submitted electronically with the application.