Illinois Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form

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The Illinois boat bill of sale form is a permissible source of transcription for the particulars of the reciprocal exchange of watercraft for a predetermined financial sum. The written testimonial ordinarily contains the verified information concerned with the transaction, focusing on the discernable identifying information associated with the vessel, buyer, and seller. The defined purchase price is presented on the form with allocated spaces for confirming endorsements of the parties involved once an accord has been met.

How to Register a Boat

To utilize a motorized vessel within the state of Illinois, it must be registered and titled by the state. Specific cases that would not be obligated to complete registration would include boats with current registration from another state or country, granted the boat is utilized for a period of less than 60 consecutive days. In addition, other exceptions to this rule are lifeboats, government-owned vessels, or any watercraft not set in motion by a sail or motor.

Once a purchase of a new or used vessel has concluded, the buyer then has 15 days to register the boat with the state. To properly register a watercraft, it is necessary to prepare the following forms and paperwork to be delivered by mail to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as follows:

  • A filled-out and endorsed Illinois Watercraft Registration and Title Application.
  • A finalized bill of sale.
  • Sufficient evidence of possession of the vessel such as the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) or prior registration and title of the boat.
  • In the case that the watercraft had a previous claim or lien on the title, you will need both a letter stating a full release of the lien as well as an Illinois Watercraft Registration and Titling Power of Attorney Form.
  • One check for all associated sales taxes (made payable to “Department of Natural Resources”) as well as a separate check (made payable to “Illinois Department of Revenue”) for fees required for registration.
    • You can obtain the exact amount by phone at 1-(800)732-8866 or  1(217)782-3336 to inquire.
  • Include both checks with the rest of the prepared materials and send them to the following address:
Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 19226
Springfield, IL 62794


 How to Complete the Form

Step 1 – Download the Adobe PDF file to fill in the required information.

Step 2 – Enter the agreed-upon Purchase price.

Step 3 – Buyer/Seller Information – Fill in the information that relates to the involved parties taking part in the exchange:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 4 – Description of Vessel – Describe the boat in the prompted fields below:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Hull ID Number
  • Registration Number
  • Title Number
  • Motor Model
  • Year (of Motor)
  • Odometer Reading (in hours)

Step 5 – Description of Trailer – In the case that a trailer comes along with the purchase of the watercraft, identify the following information:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial Number

Step 6 – Indicate if there are any outstanding loans or alternative claims associated with the boat at the time of sale.

Step 7 – Finalize the Buyer/Seller agreement by endorsing the document in the spaces provided.

Step 8 – Should you chose to certify the validity of the transaction further, you can sign the form in the presence of an authorized notary or before a witness or witnesses that may not be related to either the buyer or seller.