Ohio Advance Directive Form (Medical POA & Living Will)

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The Ohio Advance Directive provides the dual function of allowing an individual to record their wishes pertaining to end-of-life medical treatment (living will) and also appointing a third party to act on their behalf in the event of their incapacitation (medical power of attorney). Along with these features, the document also contains a third section where the principal can stipulate their desires regarding organ/tissue donation in case death occurs. If this is of interest, the individual seeking to put forth the document should enter in all the required info, sign the instrument, and then have it either acknowledged by two (2) witnesses or a notary public.

This Document Contains:


Statute Medical Power of Attorney (§ 1337.11 – § 1337.17), Living Will (§ 2133.02)

Definitions – A “durable power of attorney for health care” means a document created pursuant to § 1337.11 to § 1337.17 of the Revised Code (§ 2133.01(G)). A “declaration” means a written document executed in accordance with § 2133.02 of the Revised Code (§ 2133.01(F)).

Signing Requirements – Requires either the endorsements of at least two (2) witnessing parties or the certification of a notary public (§ 1337.12 & § 2133.02(B)).

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AARP (Caring Connections) Version

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Prepare for Your Care Version (also available in Spanish/en Español)

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