Utah Sublease Agreement Form

The Utah sublease agreement is designed to accommodate individuals looking to partake in the re-renting of a residence. This means that the current tenant involved in a lease agreement with a landlord would have the ability to execute the sublease in order to convey property rights to what is known as the “subtenant”. Given this information, this action can only be performed if permitted within the original contract, or if the primary landlord supplies written consent. Sublessors must keep in mind that they are still responsible for the stipulations recorded within the original lease agreement, so it is important they find a subtenant that they feel will hold up their end of the deal. The following details should be transcribed to the form:

  • Start and End Date of the Occupancy
  • Price of the Monthly Lease Payments
  • Amount of the Security Deposit Fee
  • Cost of the Utilities

Upon the completion of the instrument, all parties should endorse it within the appropriate areas to activate a binding contract.