Pennsylvania Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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Updated on December 13th, 2020

The Pennsylvania commercial lease agreement is introduced when two parties decide to partake in an arrangement involving the rental of commercial space for monetary exchange. When an individual/business entity finds a property where they would like to locate their company’s operations, they will typically contact the landlord or their representation to see if they can come to some type of compromise on how the tenancy will be handled. If the parties agree to the terms discussed, they can insert the data into the form and sign in the presence of a notarial figure to certify the contract. Details that should be recorded within the document include:

  • Contact Information of the Lessor & Lessee
  • Property Description
  • Dates of Tenancy
  • Rights to Renewal
  • Security Deposit Amount
  • Cost of Monthly Expenses
  • Property’s Purpose for Use

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