New Hampshire Sublease Agreement Template

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The New Hampshire sublease agreement is a pragmatic solution to breaking a lease and evading a breach of contract. It can also be implemented if a tenant wishes to leave for a period of time and would like to keep possession of the property by renting it out until they return. Parties interested in executing this type of agreement should take into account that they will need to receive consent from the property holder (landlord) prior to following through with the contract.

Upon the approval of the original landlord, the primary tenant (known as the sublandlord, sublessor) will have to find a new tenant (known as the subtenant, sublessee) to occupy the premises for the desired amount of time. Bear in mind, it is crucial that the sublessor pick a person that they feel is responsible to take over the lease. The reason being is that the sublessor is still accountable for the content of the first lease. When a subtenant has been selected, the parties will have to record the terms of the arrangement within the form. This will include the duration of the subtenancy, the costs associated with the contract (damage deposit, rent payments, fees, etc.), and the regulations of the property. Once fulfilled, the participating individuals may then provide their endorsements to conclude the document.