Nebraska Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated on January 13th, 2021

The Nebraska sublease agreement shows dedication to the pledge of a tenant to rent a residence to another occupant in exchange for a predetermined financial stipend. In this scenario, the newly leasing individual will then become the subtenant to the property, obtaining the rights granted to the current tenant. The preference for this alternative leasing method may present itself in cases where the tenant wants to pursue other housing options while avoiding a breach of contract. Keep in mind that the opportunity to sublease must be granted by authorization from the owner or property management official to be enforceable. Language referring to the ability to sublease may be included in the original lease for review by the tenant.

The paperwork denotes specifics about the accord, listing the landlord, tenant, subtenant, and subject property involved in the transaction. It additionally includes wording to determine monthly rental payments, security deposit, and utilities expense assignment. Rules and procedures associated with the occupancy of the unit are generally indicated in the original leasing materials, however, they may be additionally expanded upon in the sublease. The primary lease is to be issued within the paperwork as an attachment to the lease agreement for revision by the subtenant. Should there be any discrepancy between the master lease and sublease, the master will be viewed as the superseding authority. Execution of the document will confirm the obligations written within the contract.