Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement Template

The Missouri commercial lease agreement qualifies an individual or business entity to use a real estate property for an indicated duration of time in exchange for a specified amount of financial compensation. The form provides a framework of the transaction which will allow a company to conduct business in a legally zoned area for commercial or office use. Leases of this nature tend to be somewhat more technical than a basic residential lease, providing more regulation on the utilization of the leased space. Additionally, a commercial lease will specify the arrangement of rental payments beyond a base rent to designate the responsibility for expenses such as property taxes and maintenance. These lease types are categorized as “gross”, “modified gross”, and “triple net” (or “NNN”). It is important that all parties have an understanding of the definitions of these lease types and which none will be selected for the agreement.

The terms and conditions are blocked off in individual clauses to confirm the stipulating arrangements for various regulatory enforcements necessitated for commitment. Contained in the language are establishing remarks to corroborate the details on:

  • Lessor and Lessee Identification
  • Premises Address
  • Lease Term
  • Property Use
  • Sublease Consent
  • Signage Specification

There are several other substantiating accords enclosed in the contract that can be adjusted to suit the needs of each leasing situation. It is recommended that signature be obtained by approval of a witnessing notary official with licensure in the state of Missouri for authentication of the event.