Massachusetts Sublease Agreement Template


The Massachusetts sublease agreement reveals the assignment of a rental commitment from a tenant to another “subtenant” while keeping the primary active lease of the tenant intact. This type of lease allows a person currently renting a residence to allocate the same terms to a separate individual to take over the use of the unit while avoiding a breach of the original contract. Included in the form is identifying information to elucidate specifics on the monthly rental payments, security deposit, lease term, and the participants in the agreement.  The paperwork additionally highlights clauses to cite confirming implementation concerning regulation, procedures, and overall the use of the property. To utilize this kind of rental agreement, the landlord of the property must be aware of the arrangement and accept the terms and conditions by way of endorsement of the document. Acquiring signatures before a notary official can further strengthen the evidence of each executing individual’s capacity, in turn validating its contents to a greater extent.