Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement Template


The Louisiana commercial lease agreement classifies the critical aspects of the understanding between a landlord and a tenant to rent a space allocated for a company’s operations. A commercial lease is differentiated form a residential rental in many respects, from the approach regarding the rental rate to the provisions concerning property use. Typically both parties will set up an initial meeting to discuss the essential components of the transaction and the needs required on both sides. Once a preliminary evaluation has been made, the paperwork can be drawn up and amended to fit the needs voiced during negotiation.

The document will set forth terms and conditions associated with the involved individuals and/or entities, subject property, rental schedule, lease type, and renewal options. The form additionally stipulates procedures and policies for property use and has a clause to cover exclusivity. Business contracts of this magnitude are customarily endorsed before an official notary licensed by the state of Louisiana. Providing signatures witnessed by a licensed notary will further authenticate the agreement and the capacity of those involved.