Kentucky Sublease Agreement Template

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The Kentucky sublease agreement integrates the terms and conditions of an understanding for a subtenant to take over occupancy in a rented dwelling for a predetermined monthly stipend. In situations where an existing lessee of a residential property would like to transfer the right of occupancy to another, this particular document can help to record the facts of the accord. A current tenant may want to exercise this type of arrangement should relocation be necessary without breaking the present lease agreement. To accurately designate the provided provisions, the participating parties need to negotiate the preconditions of the accord before drawing up the document. Once a mutual understanding has been arrived at, the contract can be adjusted accordingly. When entering into the agreement, keep in mind that the landlord listed on the original lease of the residence must sign for it to be legally binding. Having the landlord involved maintains transparency for the involved individuals and serves to ensure that the contract does not infringe on any of the contents of the original lease.