Idaho Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated on January 12th, 2021

The Idaho sublease agreement executes a declaration to undertake the rights and responsibilities of subtenancy from the current leasing tenant for an exchanged sum on money. This type of lease measure is generally evoked when the contracted tenant needs or wants to seek residence elsewhere or can no longer commit to the terms of the original lease. As long as the landlord of the property is on board with the arrangement, the rental of the property can be adjusted to allow the subtenant to occupy in place of the tenant. The formal written obligation organizes the data on the tenant, subtenant, landlord, property, security deposit, policies, and procedures. The master lease is determined to be the supplanting document should there be a case of inconsistency between the two agreements. The property owner, designated landlord, or property management official is required to sign the paperwork to legitimize the accord.