Arizona Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated on January 12th, 2021

The Arizona sublease agreement publishes the pertinent information related to the re-letting of a property to another individual for a stipulated monthly sum. The paperwork presents data on the parties entering in the agreement, the lease period, rental amount, security deposit amount, and other policies and contingencies. Negotiation between the parties will determine factors pertaining to what portion of the dwelling is to be utilized, consent for allowed guests on the premises, and utilities for which the sublessee will be responsible.

The sublease will only be valid with express endorsement form the landlord of the property. Should there be a discrepancy with rental payments made to the landlord, the sublessor will be culpable for all balances due under the lease, regardless of past-due payments from the sublessee. Although there are a lease and sublease in place, each involved parties is only held to the contract in which they have entered.