South Dakota Motor Vehicle / Vessel (DMV) Bill of Sale Form


Updated on January 23rd, 2021

The South Dakota motor vehicle or boat bill of sale form is a helpful method of documentation to confirm the details of the sale of a vehicle or vessel. The form is comprised of facts that highlight the specifics of the exchange such as the involved parties, vehicle/vessel year, make, model, VIN/HIN, purchase price, date, and endorsements. It can also be retained and utilized to shelter the seller from any legal responsibility for violations the vehicle may incur after transfer.

How to Register a Vehicle

Once a vehicle is purchased in the State of South Dakota, it must be registered within 30 days from the date of transfer to avoid penalty. To properly register your vehicle you will need to appear at your nearest South Dakota County Treasurer Office  with the following forms in hand:

How to Register a Boat

In order to use your boat on public waters within the state of South Dakota, you must first register your vessel with the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks by paying a visit to your local county treasurer with the following demanded articles:

  • Boat Title and Registration Application (Form MV-607)
  • Valid documentation verifying proprietorship (one of the following):
    • Bill of Sale
    • Title signed over by the prior owner.
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • A statement provided by the dealer validating the purchase.
    • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.
  • Identification:
    • A valid SD driver’s license
    • Social Security Card
  • Monies to pay off any registration or tax charges.

You have 30 days from the time of acquisition to register your vessel. A boat registration has a maximum span of one year.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Input the full date of sale, with the day and month in the first given space, followed by the last two digits of the year in the second space.

Step 3 – Vehicle/Boat Information – Enter the following data associated with the vehicle or boat involved in the transaction:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Title Number
  • Motor Vehicle Serial Number (VIN)
  • Boat Hull ID # (if applicable)

Step 4 – Purchase/Sale Information – Complete the section covering the following sale particulars:

  • Full Name of Purchaser
  • Sale Price
  • Date of Sale

Step 5 – Seller(s) Signature(s) and Address – Finalize the agreement by having all sellers involved in the transaction sign on the signature lines and include the address of the seller below.