South Dakota Bill of Sale Forms

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The South Dakota bill of sale form provides a valuable record of the transaction occurring when an item of personal property is exchanged for financial compensation. The context of the agreement makes a declaration of the facts surrounding the sale and illuminates details of the seller, buyer, and property to transfer possession. This document authenticates the event and secures protection from any liability incurred after the item has changed hands.

Table of Contents

    Bill of Sale Types

    Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Prescribed to commemorate the details of the sale of an automobile to paper.

    Download: Adobe PDF

    Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – To be enacted for the purpose of documenting the sale of a watercraft.

    Download: Adobe PDF

    Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Finalized upon agreement of the transfer of a firearm from one owner to another.

    Download: Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word (.docx)

    Vehicle Registration Forms

    Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

    • A finalized Bill of Sale form
    • A filled-out Boat Title and Registration Application (Form MV-607)
    • Evidence of ownership via a manufacturers certificate of origin, reassigned title, dealer’s sale invoice, or an enforceable purchase and sale agreement.
    • An active driver’s license
    • Applicant’s social security card
    • Payment for all incurred registration taxes and fees.

    Firearm Registration Forms

    South Dakota does not compile a system of registration for firearms within the state, so individuals who wish to obtain a weapon will not be required to register. Carrying of a long gun openly is acceptable in allowable areas, and carry of a handgun outside of one’s private property will mandate the granting of a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. The state offers a total of 3 different permits, each allowing for transport within certain specified states. To apply for a permit you can arrive at your local county Sheriff’s office with the following documents in hand:

    • A notarized South Dakota Concealed Pistol Permit Application
    • Proof of fulfillment of an accepted gun safety course
    • A valid photo identification card or driver’s license
    • A fingerprint identification card
    • Proper payment to cover all associated fees