New Mexico (DMV) Bill of Sale Form for Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Boat


The New Mexico DMV bill of sale for a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat (MVD Form 10009) is typically performed during the private sale of a motor vehicle or vessel. It works as a receipt for the transaction and entails that both parties disclose specific details concerning the transfer. A bill of sale is not necessarily enforced by law unless there is no physical title or if all the reassignment spaces within the title are full. Regardless of whether the form is required by law or not, it is still suggested to complete the agreement to have it on record. It may be helpful to have on hand in the future if you ever need to provide proof of sale/purchase.

How to Register a Vehicle

When registering a vehicle in the state of New Mexico, it is mandatory that you appear in person to an MVD Field Office equipped with the following paperwork mentioned below (you have 30 days to register the vehicle from the date of purchase):

  • Bill of Sale (required if the title is missing or if there is no space to input new information into the reassignment fields)
  • A Certificate of Title signed over from the previous owner with a completed “Assignment of Title” section.
  • A valid form of ID (a state-issued driver’s license or ID, passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of Residency (must present at least 2 pieces of documentation confirming that you reside within the state of New Mexico, for example; a rental or lease agreement, medical bill, paycheck stub, etc.)
  • Proof of a New Mexico auto insurance plan (evidence such as an insurance card, copy of the policy, a letter from your insurance provider confirming your coverage, etc.)
  • A filled out and signed Application for Vehicle Title and Registration (MVD Form 10002).
  • An Odometer Disclosure (this may be contained within the following 3 documents: A Bill of Sale, an Application for Vehicle Title and Registration, or an Odometer Disclosure Statement – MVD Form 10187)
  • You must execute an Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle or Boat (MVD Form 10018) if the vehicle being registered was gifted.
  • If you reside in Bernalillo County, you must present an “Emission Certificate of Inspection”.
  • If there is currently a lien attached to the vehicle, the lienholder must execute one of the following:
    • Sign off on the “Release of Lien” section located on the title.
    • Provide a completed Release of Lien form (MVD Form 10041).
    • Furnish a notarized release of lien on a company letterhead containing the lien holder’s signature.
  • If registering the vehicle on the behalf of another individual, you must provide a notarized Power of Attorney form (Form MVD 11020).
  • Come prepared to pay any fees associated with the registration process (costs vary depending on the type of vehicle being registered).

How to Register a Boat

All vessels must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Although the New Mexico SPD (State Parks Division) regulates all boating activity, registration is administered by the Motor Vehicle Division. Make your way to a location nearest you with the following documents (it is advised to contact the office prior to visiting to ensure there is an agent available for vessel registration):

  • Verification of ownership:
    • Bill of Sale
    • Title (signed and dated by the previous owner)
    • If the vessel is exempt from titling, the most recent registration will suffice.
  • A filled out and signed copy of the Application for Vessel Registration and Title – Form MVD-10003. (Be sure to include information regarding any lienholders if applicable.)
  • A verifiable form of identification:
    • A New Mexico driver’s license or state ID.
  • If necessary, a completed Release of Lien (Form MVD – 10041).
  • Proper funds to pay any charges affiliated with the titling/registration process.

All used vessels must be physically brought to an MVD facility for a HIN (Hull Identification Number) inspection at the time of registration. Registrations last a duration of 3 years.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Vehicle or Vessel Information – This form requires the participants to record the requested vehicle/vessel information listed below:

  • Exact Sale Amount
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Type (series)
  • Engine Number (if Applicable)
  • Vehicle or Hull Identification (Serial) Number
  • License Plate or Vessel Registration Number
  • State

For boats only:

  • Overall Vessel Length (in feet and inches)
  • Vessel Beam Width (in feet and inches)
  • Vessel Transom Depth (in feet and inches)

Step 3 – Vehicle Odometer Disclosure Statement – Federal and state law requires the transferor (seller) of a vehicle to state the odometer mileage upon transfer of ownership. Anyone convicted of a fraudulent odometer statement will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. The seller must provide the following:

  • Odometer Reading (no tenths, in miles)
  • Select one of the following options:
    • The Actual Mileage (AM)*
    • Mileage in Excess of Mechanical Limits (EL)*
    • Warning! Not the Actual Mileage – Odometer Discrepancy (NM)*

The seller(s) must provide the following acknowledging the odometer disclosure:

  • Seller(s) Printed Name
  • Seller(s) Signature

and the buyer(s) must provide:

  • Buyers(s) Printed Name
  • Buyers(s) Signature

(The seller must remove the plates before transferring ownership of the vehicle.)

Step 4 – Dealership Information (if applicable) – If purchased from a dealer, you must record the following details:

  • Dealership Name (type or print)
  • Dealer License Number

Step 5 – Lienholder Information (if applicable) – If there is a lien attached to the vehicle/vessel, please provide the following information:

  • Lienholder’s Name(s) (type or print)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Lienholder Number (if any)
  • File Date
  • Maturity Date

Step 6 – Seller’s Information – If the vehicle is being purchased in a private sale, type or print the following seller information:

  • Seller’s Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 7 – Seller(s) Signature – The seller(s) must provide the following if they acknowledge for the exact amount indicated, they hereby sell, transfer and convey the vehicle or vessel described above, warrant it to be free of any liens or encumbrances and certify that all information given is true and correct to the best of their knowledge:

  • First Seller’s Signature
  • Date of Signing
  • Second Seller’s Signature (if joint ownership)
  • Date of Signing

Step 8 – Buyer Information – Buyer must type or print the following necessary information:

  • Buyer(s) Printed Name(s)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code