Maine Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form

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The Maine boat bill of sale form testifies in writing to the accord between a buyer and seller, providing a legal record of the sale of a boat for a stipulated financial dollar amount. The contract covers the facts regarding the full spectrum of the exchange detailing the buyer, seller, vessel, and purchase information. The form can be utilized as proof of ownership for titling and registering as well as to identify purchase amounts in the transaction for tax purposes.

How to Register a Boat

To operate a motorized-watercraft upon Maine waterways, the law stipulates that it must be registered with the governing authorities. Situations not required to meet this standard in obtaining Maine Registration are:

  • Ship’s lifeboats.
  • Boats employed exclusively for racing purposes with proper identifying registration numbers and documentation from an esteemed affiliation.
  • Watercrafts actively registered and/or titled in another state or country to be used for an allocated time of fewer than 60 days on Maine waters.
  • State and Federal Government boats.

Multiple steps are required to secure registration and title to your vessel in the state of Maine. Initially, you will be required to pay the Maine Excise Tax on the sale of the boat before applying for registration. To complete this, attend the municipal tax collectors office or clerk official in your town/city of residence with the vessel’s sales receipt, bill of sale, proof of residency, and sufficient payment. An exemption from the excise tax is available should your boat be a non-motorized vessel under 20-feet in length or if you qualify for a waiver from paying property tax.

Once the Excise tax is paid, you can visit the Fish and Wildlife Office in Augusta or a nearby Recreational Vehicle Agent at your town/city Clerk’s Office with the following documentation:

 How to Complete the Form

Step 1 – First, download the Adobe PDF to make adjustments on your laptop or PC.

Step 2 –  Enter the full dollar amount of the purchase price in the first blank area.

Step 3 – Buyer/Seller Information – Specify the information relevant to both the buyer and seller as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 4 – Description of Vessel – Submit the distinguishing information associated with the watercraft involved in the transaction:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Hull ID Number
  • Registration Number
  • Title Number
  • Motor Model
  • Year (of Motor)
  • Odometer Reading (in hours)

Step 5 – Description of Trailer – If there is a trailer that comes equipped with the transfer of the boat, make a note of the specific information referring to the trailer:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial Number

Step 6 – Disclose if there are any claims, loans, or encumbrances currently on the vessel in detail.

Step 7 – Identify the date of sale followed by signatures concurring submission to the terms of the agreement.

Step 8 – To thoroughly verify the agreement, all signatures should be endorsed in the presence of an official notary public or an available witness or witnesses.