Idaho (DMV) Bill of Sale Form for Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Boat


The Idaho DMV bill of sale for a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat, otherwise known as “Form ITD 3738”, requires participants to record vital information regarding the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle to the document itself, therefore providing proof that a transaction has transpired. Technically speaking, it is not legally enforced unless there is no area for the seller to input the sales/purchase price on the title. However, it is recommended to draw up this contract nonetheless because it could become useful in the future event of a potential conflict. Specific information such as the sales price, mileage, both parties’ contact info, and signatures are all transcribed to the form.

With this particular bill of sale, it is required that the seller execute a Release of Liability Statement (Form ITD – 3858). Once completed, the document must be delivered to the Idaho Transportation Department and processed for a fee of $3.50.

How to Register

You have up to 30 days to title and register your vehicle after the time of purchase in the state of Idaho. Once the 30 days expires, you can no longer legally operate your vehicle on public roadways. To begin the registration process, you must appear in person before your local county assessor at an Idaho Transportation Department office with:

  • The bill of sale (if there was no available space to record the purchase price).
  • The title signed by the previous owner transferring ownership to the individual registering the vehicle.
  • Applicant must provide a completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form ITD 3337).
  • A Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Certification – Form ITD 3403 (filled out with the requested information and signed by the applicant(s) and authorized official).
  • If the vehicle being processed for registration is less than ten years old and below 16,000 pounds, it will require the odometer reading to be disclosed.
  • An Idaho issued driver’s license or ID.
  • Some form of proof confirming the existence of an auto insurance policy.
  • Payment for any mandatory registering fees and/or state taxes.

How to Register a Vessel

To lawfully employ the use of a watercraft upon waters located in the State of Idaho you must officially register the boat within the jurisdiction. Also, when purchasing a new boat, you are obligated to register with the first 15 days to avoid penalty fees. Any vessel that uses a sail, or is mechanically propelled by a motor is held by this standard with the following exemptions:

  • Non-motorized vessels.
  • Emergency lifeboats.
  • Sailboards.
  • Vessels registered in an alternate state or country to be utilized for a period of time of less than 60 continuous days in any one year time period.
  • Vessels owned by the federal or state authorities.

The registration application process can be completed at your nearest Idaho DMV facility or a participating boat registration vendor with the following materials:

  • A fillable Idaho Boat Registration Application (made available on-site at the time of registration).
  • A regulated Idaho Certificate of Title (If the vessel is purchased new or from out-of-state, you will need to apply for one. If you are purchasing the boat from a private seller, have the previous owner sign over the title to you at the time of purchase).
  • A unique identifier associated with the owner of a boat such as a social security number, photo ID, or a company employer identification number.
  • A photograph of your vessel’s hull identification number, as it may need to be verified to grant registration.
  • Certificate of completion of the Official Idaho Boating Safety Course exam available online.
  • Funds to compensate the registration fees and applicable taxes.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Vehicle Information – Have the following details pertinent to the vehicle on hand:

  • Vehicle or Hull Identification Number (1st)
  • Title Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (2nd) – Second VIN should be provided for most motorhomes and must be entered for double-wide mobile and manufactured homes.
  • Weight
  • Full Length and Width
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Description

Step 3 – Brands – Select which brand describes your vehicle:

  • Rebuilt Salvage
  • Previous Brand
  • Reconstruct
  • Repaired
  • Other (if you select this option, you must specify in the available space)

Step 4 – Odometer Reading – Enter the current odometer reading of the vehicle being sold into the designated text field. Check one of the following boxes if applicable:

  • Actual Miles
  • Not Actual
  • Exceeds Mechanical Limits
  • Exempt
  • No Odometer

Step 5 – Seller(s)/Sale Information – This form requires the details listed below:

  • Seller’s Full Legal Printed Name
  • Physical Address and/or Mailing Address (if different than Physical Address)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • True Selling Price
  • Sale Date

Step 6 – Buyer(s) Information – Insert the necessary information below:

  • Buyer’s Full Legal Printed Name
  • Idaho Driver’s License Number or SSN / EIN if Business
  • Physical Address and/or Mailing Address (if different than Physical Address)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Daytime Phone Number

Step 7 – Lienholder Information – If there is no lien connected to the vehicle, write “None”. If there is a current lienholder, enter the following info:

  • New Lienholder Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Code

Step 8 – Seller(s) Signature – Seller must read the preliminary statement claiming that the vehicle described above is being sold for the selling price indicated and that they certify that the odometer reading given is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Also confirming that they have disclosed to the buyer all known brands associated with the vehicle. Seller understands that they must file a release of liability statement within five days of delivering the vehicle to the buyer. The seller also assumes that listing a false selling price, name, or address on the form is a felony. If the seller agrees, they will then sign below.

Step 9 – Buyer(s) Signature – Buyer must read the statement declaring that they are aware of the odometer certification made by the seller, and understand the seller must disclose any brands that have been placed on this vehicle. The seller also understands that they must apply for title within 30 days to avoid a penalty whether the vehicle is registered or not. If the buyer agrees, they must sign on the line below to conclude the sale.