California Bill of Sale Forms

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The California bill of sale forms help individuals document the data pertaining to a transaction involving the sale, trade, or gift of personal property. The most popular forms are specific to the exchange of a car, vessel, or gun. The buyer and seller taking part in the exchange will need to supply the form with details regarding the transfer, such as their contact information, price of the item being sold, and signatures which indicate all individuals agree to the terms of the contract. Each party should retain a copy to hold as a receipt for the transaction.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle / Vessel (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Used to record the data related to the transfer of an automobile or boat.

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Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Should be employed when selling a firearm to another individual.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

All newly acquired vehicles should be registered within 10 days of procurement. Have the following items prepared upon arrival to your local DMV:

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

All vessel registrations are processed through the California DMV. Visit a location nearest you and present the following:

Firearm Registration Forms

In California, registration is only required for assault weapons or individuals bringing a firearm from another state. All private sales must be processed through an FFL dealer in order to run the proper background checks. California residents interested in procuring a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) license should contact their local sheriff’s or police department to inquire about the requirements necessary to obtain this. Some of the basic demands include:

  • Applicants meeting the eligibility standards set forth by the state.
  • Completion of a certified handgun training course.
  • Customary payment for the process.