Arizona Bill of Sale Forms


The Arizona bill of sale forms creates a record of an exchange of personal property from one party to another (this property could be an automobile, watercraft, gun, etc.). Both sides of the transaction must come to an agreement on the terms of the sale, trade, or gift and then stipulate the details within the document. Once all the necessary information has been transcribed to the form, the transferor and transferee will sign on the proper lines within the designated section to ensure the contract’s validity.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale – Typically provided by the seller during the transfer of possession specific to a motor vehicle.

Download: PDF

Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale – Employed when exchanging ownership of a vessel to another individual or entity for a sum of money or gifting the watercraft to a relative.

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Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale – Useful in documenting a transaction between two willing participants involved in the sale or trade of a pistol or long gun.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

Listed below are the various items and forms needed to register your vehicle within the state of Arizona.

  • Bill of Sale
  • The Vehicle’s Title
  • Auto Insurance Card
  • Valid Form of Photo Identification
  • Arizona Title and Registration Form
  • If the individual registering the vehicle resides within Tucson or Phoenix, they must furnish documentation confirming that the vehicle has passed an emissions test, in accordance with § 49-542.03. (Only for vehicles that are over 5 years in age.)
  • Have payment available to cover any costs connected to registration.

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

All boat registrations are processed through your local Game and Fish Department. Find a location convenient to you and supply the following needed items:

Firearm Registration Forms

There is no registration policy imposed on Arizona residents. Individuals eligible to possess a firearm do not have to acquire a license or permit to purchase, own, or even carry a concealed weapon. You may obtain a concealed carry permit if you wish to access the benefit of reciprocity when visiting another corresponding state. The state stipulates that any party interested in attaining this permit must:

  • Submit a Concealed Weapons Permit Contact Form.
  • You will then be sent a packet containing instructions and the following items:
    • Concealed Weapons Permit Application
    • 2 applicant fingerprint cards will need to be executed by a state official.
    • A return envelope to send back the completed items.
  • Be sure to include the additional documentation listed below:
    • A certificate confirming that you completed and passed an approved firearms training program, corresponding with Rule 13-4-111C.
    • The mandated application fee (must be paid by money order or certified/cashier’s check).