Texas Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template

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The Texas purchase agreement demonstrates the particulars involved in the sale of a residential property for a presented financial consideration. The contract stipulates the amount of earnest money to be provided by the purchaser of the property, before signing. All applicable conditions of the agreement should be thoroughly read prior to commitment via corroborating signatures.

Buyer Beware (§ 2.5.A.5.008) – Sale properties categorized as single-family will be obligated to include disclosure of any flaws of construction, condition, title, or other instance before the effective date of the sales contract. The owner is not compelled to conduct an inspection, and the burden of due diligence is placed on the buyer.

Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (42 U.S. Code § 4852d) – For the sale of any residential home constructed before 1978, materials informing the buyer of the potential for lead-based paint in the house. The information that the buyer is to receive cites the harmful effects of the substance and warning signs of its presence.

Texas Real Estate Commission Seller’s Disclosure Notice (§ 2.5.A.5.008) – Single-family home sales require the seller to inform the buyer of any known issues with the property through a disclosure notice form. The state of Texas does not mandate that a seller commission an inspector to thoroughly examine the residence.

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