Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form | For Homebuyers


The lead-based paint disclosure form is required, by federal law, to be presented to the buyer of a home that was built pre-1978. Prior to this year, it was not uncommon for individuals to use lead paint when constructing or renovating a property due to its durability. As time went on, it was determined that the material was actually harmful to come into contact with, particularly for children and expectant mothers. This is primarily true when the paint is chipped and dust is created. Once a purchase agreement has been executed, buyers typically have up ten (10) days to have a certified inspection firm carry out an examination for lead hazards.

For Landlords & Tenants – If you are taking part in the leasing of a property, as opposed to the sale of a home, you must substitute this page’s document with the lead-based paint disclosure form for renters.


The seller of a home that meets the criteria stated above should supply the individual purchasing the property with the following paperwork listed below:

  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – This allows sellers to report any known lead paint hazards contained within the property and also includes the necessary “Lead Warning Statement” found under § 745.113(a)(1). It should be signed by both parties and their agents, then attached to the purchase agreement.
  • EPA-Approved Pamphlet – Sellers must also provide this educational handout that teaches buyers about the risks involved with coming into contact with the toxic substance and instructs them on how to recognize a potential hazard.
  • Previous Inspection Reports – If the seller indicated that there were indeed known lead hazards contained within the structure, they are obligated to produce documentation concerning the evaluation that confirmed this fact (§ 745.113(a)(3)).