West Virginia Lease to Own Agreement Form


The West Virginia lease to own agreement, also known as a lease-purchase contract, is a useful instrument for those looking to rent a dwelling while simultaneously having the option to buy the premises for a fixed price. To achieve this, the landlord and tenant must sit down and discuss what conditions they will be comfortable with in order to commit to such an arrangement. The circumstances of the agreement that should be predetermined and registered within the form include the length of time the tenant/buyer will have the right to purchase the home, amount of the initial deposit to reserve the option, and what the monthly rent payments/final asking price will be. Upon the document’s completion, it will require that the following parties sign within their designated areas to ensure a legally sound contract:

  • Buyer(s)/Tenant(s)
  • Seller(s)/Landlord(s)
  • Agent (if a real estate professional took part in the transaction)
  • Witness (it is advised that a witness be present during the signing and provide their own signature for the purpose of further solidifying the document)