Washington Month to Month Lease Agreement Form

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The Washington month-to-month lease agreement is a minimum obligation rental contract where each term lasts a maximum span of one (1) month. It automatically renews at the end of each month or until either the lessor or lessee terminates the occupancy. Once a party decides to cancel the contract, they must deliver written notice to the other within twenty (20) days of the desired vacancy. Other than the length of the term, a month-to-month lease is essentially the same format as your average annual agreement. It requires rent specifics, the effective date, and a list of the rules & regulations that are enforced on the premises.

Seattle Version – As the laws differ between the city of Seattle and the rest of Washington, there is a secondary form that specifically caters to month-to-month rentals in the Emerald City.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – Twenty (20) Days (§ 59.18.200(1)(a))