Virginia Commercial Lease Agreement Form

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Updated on December 13th, 2020

The Virginia commercial lease agreement is a legal document that is capitalized upon by individuals looking to rent a property for the interest of running a company on the premises. When a business owner finds a commercial property that is located in an appealing area, they will generally meet with the owner or their representation to discuss the overall terms of the rental contract. If they can reach a conclusion on how the arrangement will occur, they can then begin the process of drawing up the agreement. Key factors of a commercial lease include the monetary payments that will be paid each month, what the purpose of the occupancy will be, and how long the contract will last. This information should be entered into the corresponding spaces of the document and joined by the landlord’s and tenant’s signatures. (This instrument contains two notary sections that should be completed to further validate the contract. Wait to sign until you are in the presence of a notary public so they may certify the agreement by executing the necessary portions found below.)