South Dakota Month to Month Lease Agreement Template


The South Dakota month-to-month lease agreement is a popular form for those who would like to engage in a short term rental. How it works is that the contract only lasts the time span of thirty (30) days, if no one decides to terminate the agreement before the term is expired, then the conditions of the lease will automatically reset for the following month. Some month-to-month leases can last years, while others may only last a few months, it completely depends on both parties’ desire to continue the tenancy. As for the requirements of the agreement, it basically demands all the same information as your general rental contract. Users should stipulate how much the periodic rent payments will be, when the occupancy will commence, and what fees will be associated with the new possession.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – Thirty (30) Days for Landlord, Fifteen (15) Days for Tenant (§ 43-32-13)