Rhode Island Month to Month Lease Agreement Template


Updated on December 16th, 2020

The Rhode Island month-to-month lease agreement chronicles the arrangement between a landlord and tenant in regard to a short-term rental. Although the term of the contract only lasts thirty (30) days at a time, month-to-month tenancies can go on for several months and even years as the contract will automatically reset until canceled. In order to cancel the terms of the agreement, the terminating party will have to provide a minimum of thirty (30) days’ written notice. Apart from the length of the term, this type of agreement essentially contains all the usual details you would see in a 12-month lease, such as the move-in date, the cost of the rent & security deposit, and any stipulations on the property’s use.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – Thirty (30) Days (§ 34-18-37)