Oklahoma Rental Application Form


Updated on January 16th, 2021

The Oklahoma rental application is taken advantage of by property owners and management companies seeking to occupy their dwelling with a trustworthy tenant. When a rental property is on the market, there will be various individuals coming to inspect the premises for themselves. Eventually, there will be a party displaying an interest in renting the home. This is when the landlord (or their agent) will provide the document to the prospective lessee.

The application requires the individual to divulge certain information, such as references to confirm their reliability, credit details to ensure they are financially capable, and specifics concerning their employment record. Once all the inquired information has been entered, they must then sign the document and transfer it back to the original party. (Note: A processing fee is generally charged in order to screen the applicant.)

Application Fee – This fee can vary in cost as Oklahoma does not enforce a set amount that can be charged.