New Jersey Rental Application Form


The New Jersey rental application is essential when trying to select a suitable tenant to occupy a rental property. When a party shows interest in a property, it is not wise to just automatically give them the keys to property and trust that they are going to follow through with their end of the bargain. Data should be acquired and analyzed to help determine if they are eligible or not. That’s when this document comes into play.

This form requires the prospective tenant to disclose information regarding their profession, previous rentals, current financial status, and any past infractions of the law. After disclosing these personal details and signing the form, the application should be returned to the inquiring party for processing. (Applicants will usually be notified whether or not they are qualified within 48 hours of submitting the document.)

Application Fee – Most landlords & management companies will demand that the applicant supply a payment for the cost of screening. As of now, the state of New Jersey does not impose a limit on the amount that can be charged for this fee.

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