New Jersey Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

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The New Jersey month-to-month lease agreement is a plausible solution to either a landlord or tenant seeking a tenancy where there is no long-term obligation. This contract functions similarly to a traditional residential lease, but instead of a fixed annual term, the period lasts a month at a time and continuously resets until one of the individuals partaking in the rental terminates the contract. Of course, to end the conditions mandated within the document, the nullifying party will have to send thirty (30) days’ notice in advance of the term’s date of expiration.

If this is something that interests you, the next step will require the providing of details pertaining to the arrangement. Such details will encompass the starting date of the occupancy, the deposit in case of damages or unpaid bills, and the cost of any utilities/services associated with the property. Following the stipulations being made within the form, participating parties should then offer their signatures to achieve a binding contract.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – One (1) Month (§ 2A:18-56)