New Hampshire Commercial Lease Agreement Template


The New Hampshire commercial lease agreement substantiates the deal settled by two (2) parties, the landlord & tenant, to rent a property used for commercial transactions for a fixed period of time. When a business owner requires a location to carry out their operation’s affairs, they will typically scan the marketplace for a piece of real estate that suits their needs. Once an available property becomes of interest, the prospective tenant and landlord (or their representatives) will need to converse and come to an understanding of how the tenancy will be handled. If these terms can be settled, they may then be transferred to the commercial lease to ensure that the conditions made have been documented.

Elements of this contract that differ from a residential lease include the formatting of the expense payments (gross, modified gross, triple net – NNN), the type of commercial use that will be conducted on the premises, and whether or not the tenant will have the right to renew the lease. After supplying the required info into each field, this document should then be signed by the lessor and lessee while being observed by a notary public who may then certify the form.