North Carolina Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The North Carolina commercial lease agreement is a contract for the rental of real estate that will be utilized as a place of business for a company’s operation. What makes a building considered a commercial property? Well, if the intended purpose of the property is to generate income, then it is labeled as commercial. When there is available commercial space, the owner/manager may be approached by companies/individuals looking to occupy the premises. The parties should have a conversation establishing what each other’s needs are and what conditions are compulsory to follow through with a contractual tenancy.

Significant portions of the document that have to be addressed include the formatting of the monthly payments, the type of commercial use the property will accommodate, and the duration of the agreement’s term (and if there is an option to renew). If the negotiating parties and their representatives can meet in the middle on the provisions of the rental contract, they will then have to enter them into the instrument and sign within the necessary portion of the form.

(To ensure the document’s legality, we urge users to provide their endorsements while under the oversight of notary public.)

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