Montana Commercial Lease Agreement Template

The Montana commercial lease agreement bolsters the understanding for a renter to make use of a unit of real estate specifically to direct business dealings. The structure of the contract is tailored to suit the requirements of both the company or business owner and the landlord of the property. The information gathered during the negotiation process assists in filling in the developed stipulations outlined in the document. Identification of the involved parties, property address, and rental payment schedule is summarized in the filing which may bear a resemblance to a standard residential rental commitment. Although there are similarities, the framework of a commercial lease arrangement is configured much differently than a residential lease agreement. Some of the many different provisions that set a commercial lease apart form a typical residential lease include:

  • Lease Type (Triple Net (NNN), Gross, or Modified-Gross)
  • Improvements Responsibility
  • Signage Restrictions
  • Exclusivity

Once both parties are satisfied with the clauses and statements contained in the accord, signatures can be applied before a licensed notary official for thorough authorization purposes.