Mississippi Roommate Agreement Template


The Mississippi roommate agreement demonstrates all allocated factors regarding multiple persons electing to rent a residential dwelling together. For those choosing to partake in a shared living environment, outlining expectations and assurances are critical to creating harmonious conditions. The terms to the agreement are usually discussed and negotiated before lease signing to arrange for everyone’s needs to be met. The secondary step will be to fill the form with corresponding information for all prospective roommates and owning individuals. The document contains areas to express the information on the residence, respective rent schedules for each tenant, and security deposits. There is a segment of the report to specify who is responsible for each utility and service and how the payments are to be issued. Provisions to cover the use of the property and policies for a coordinated effort to share the living space are contained in the paperwork as well. The signatures of all the roommates are to be obtained to create a legally binding obligation to be followed until the expiration of the rental contract.