Mississippi Residential Rental Application Form


The Mississippi Residential Rental Application provides a summarization of the information on an application individual for use to determine eligibility to lease a rental property. The owner of a residential unit wants to ensure that their investment is protected by determining the qualification of a possible tenant before entering into an agreement. This precaution establishes a higher assurance that if the tenant meets the income requisites and rental history standards that they will pay the rent on time. By requiring the applicant to furnish references and previous residence facts, it additionally adds peace of mind for the lessee. The landlord can then inquire and corroborate the condition in which the applicant’s last rental was left.

The application covers a variety of questions designed to gather data in different categories for examination. Identification of all tenants and occupants that plan to reside in the home are to be denoted on the form. Information about prior leasing addresses, landlords, and contact information will contribute to allowing access to the possible tenant’s past rental experience. The prospective lessee will also accommodate the landlord or management company with their social security number to run a check on the individual’s credit. Once the information has been evaluated and approved, the next stage in renting is to put together a lease agreement to finalize the transaction.